Muonline s18e3 - beta mus18e3 progress and fixes

Mu online season 18 episode 3 beta fixes.

Thanks all for testing and reporting bugs and issue's in our muonline s18e3 testserver


A short mu s18e3 patch list:

- Fix all commands
- Fix x-shop prices for events, and added more wcoins ingredients for events
- Fix minor translations
- all bosses wcoin drops (lowered now to match new x-shop system)
- Icelord dragon give gold points aswell.
- scramble event, new questions and rewards are jewel of creation (alot needed cause new spider artifact system)
- reset reward system, removed crappy item reward
- x-shop - ba items lvl15 + fo
- x-shop removed wings ingredients, since all is crafted with Elite wings Jewel
- x-shop added jewel of excellent under wcoins
- added stick,book for sum at elbeland location
- Changed reset rewards to wcoins
- Improved Spider artifact system options, since way too weak xD
- Improved socket options
- added missing absolute/define weapons to box of kundun 4 & 5
- fixed all muun non-evolved drops now, snakes at deep dungeon drops every muun including the new s18e3
- Improved All Muun powers x10, and duration with 1 year instead of 1 month
- fixed some weapons could not be upgraded with black kings
- fixed firedragon and special box ii didn't drop scepter for dl
- removed unused test items
- fixed some buff descriptions
- Boss Battle Together event timers did not work properly when modified from default
- Character could not respawn after death
- Game Server crash
- MG apocalypse wiht black jewel is wrong set
- new commands /events  you will see the details of some events

Posted 09/01/2023