Mu online Season 18 episode 3 - Muonline s18e3 - Full beta test fixes

Welcome everyone to our major improved and new muonline season 18 episode 3 server!

The last months we spended loads of time to reconfig all events, bosses and game balances for muonline 2023 edition, also called muonline s18e3.

On top of the new features like Mu Boss Zone Together event, where many muonline players faces strong mu online bosses ,we also have implemented the new muonline spider artifact system. With this system you can equip muonline artifacts to become an even stronger muonline player.

There are alot of changes in muonline season 18 episode 3, but our message for you muonline players now is:

Note: Our muonline s18e3 server is now open for public testing!

Suggestions and bugreporting can be done by our muonline discord channel.



Here is a short list with fixes on the muonline 2023 beta test:

[ADD] Play Time event as a part of Anniversary Event
[MOD] Increased limit if mastery mix ingredients list to 2400
[FIX] Exp bar color display according to character class
[FIX] All players getting kicked from Boss Battle event when at least one player leaves the event before the start
[FIX] Hide & Seek event schedule does not follow configuration properly
[FIX] Exp increase for Static Option Plugin does not work in certain scenario
[FIX] Same harmony option is being granted to item ocassionally
[FIX] Game Server crash

[MOD] Changed couple of boxes to be stackable, more fun to hunt afk (box of heaven, heart of love, etc)
[FIX] Improved skilltree add point system
[FIX] Illusion Knight item drops
[FIX] Increased socketed and ancient item drops
[FIX] Muun upgrade system + new drop system
[FIX] New upgrade wings jewels
[MOD] All events new drops + power balance, more fun and challenge

[HOT] New SUPER boss KingZ Dragon
[HOT] Party share system, GP drops on boss. GP gets split by party members. So if a boss drops 5000 GP and you have a party of 5 members
each player will receive 1000 GP
[HOT] Every 1 minute online = 4 GP

[CHANGE] Completely renewed upgrade item jewel system, 
All Apocalypes sets and weapons [RUUD SET, AFTER BRILLIANT] can be upgraded with custom jewels

[NEW] Brilliant (8th) Mastery Weapons and Shields
[NEW] Apocalypse (9th) Mastery items
[NEW] Crismon Apocalypse Sets
[NEW] Third Cloak (Cloak of Death) for Illusion Knight - official support
[NEW] Fourth Cloak (Cloak of Hatred) for Illusion Knight - official support
[NEW] Mastery Weapons for Illusion Knight - official support
[NEW] Mastery Items for Illusion Knight - official support
[NEW] Ignis Volcano Map
[NEW] Ignis Volcano Regular and Elite Monsters
[NEW] Illusion Night Jacquard Muun
[NEW] Artifacts System
[NEW] Artifacts Chaos Mix
[NEW] Boss Battle Event
[NEW] Renewed Imperial Guardian Event
[NEW] Imperial Guardian Event dedicated MuHelper
[NEW] Max Master level extended to 1100
[MOD] Renewed Decomposition System
[FIX] MuQuest system has been remade to support all existing quest types and system functionalities

[FIX] Chaos Box gets "stuck" upon Spider Artifact mix failure
[FIX] Artifact chaos mix consumes invalid number of ingredients
[FIX] General issue using artifact items
[FIX] Points and experience do not display in third master tree
[FIX] Inability to complete selected quest types
[FIX] Invalid reward for Boss Battle Event
[FIX] Timer countdown for Boss Battle Event does not work correctly
[MOD] Changed PvP to be controlled from MapAttribute.xml for Boss Battle event map
[MOD] Added Boss Battle map NPCs
[FIX] Ranks of Custom Ranks plugin do not display
[FIX] Not working mastery item mixes for selected new mastery sets
[FIX] Exp Increase option for Static Item Option plugin does not apply the bonus
[FIX] Spawn location after death for Boss Battle, Ignis Volcano and Kanturu Underground maps
[FIX] Options display for Illusion Knight Mortal ancient set
[FIX] Added missing formulas to FormulaData.xml to fix new mastery item options
[FIX] Possible Game Client crash

[FIX] Inability to disassembly artifact items
[FIX] Skill attack and boss monster movement for Boss battle Together event
[FIX] Invalid durability of Varka battle Event reward
[FIX] Not properly working item looting time and item disappear time options
[ADD] Per map configuration of item looting and disappear time
[FIX] Randomity of options draw for Artifacts does not work properly
[FIX] Inability to delete characters
[ADD] Anniversary Event (except play-time part, to be released in next updates)
[ADD] Config of exp reward from Arca Battle Tower buffs
[ADD] Cooldown configuration for Bastion skill
[MOD] Increased maximum number of mastery item mixes and ingredients to 2400
[MOD] Renamed BossBattle.xml file to BossBattleTogether.xml and modified file structure
[MOD] Improved translations in Text.txt and modified Relationevent.txt (Lang.mpr)

Posted 06/01/2023