Kingz Muonline Season 18 episode 3 - Grand opening - this Friday 13 januari!

Are you ready for one of the best muonline servers ever? With this grand opening of the finetuned Muonline Season 18 episode 3 we provide some unique muonline gameplay features!

Kingz muonline season 18 episode 3 - special edition muonline 2023Mu online season 19 - Kingzmu.com

Full mu online season 18 episode 3 features.

- Including the new spider artifact system

- New map and boss together event


- Earn Gold Points and Wcoins ingame, by playing events, defeating bosses and exploring new dungeons. Everyone can look awesome and be strong!

- Upgrade your RUUD apocalypse set even further, up to Kingz Dragon set using special jewels.

- Improve your wings with special wing jewels.

- Work together to gain even more Gold points by playing our special guild events, like Icewind castle event, Castle siege and Arca Wars


More mu online stats here:



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Posted 09/01/2023